Thursday, April 30, 2015

Japan {Tokyo Tower}.

There was one last site we wanted to see before we left Japan so we headed out on a walk this morning to see it.
Some beautiful flowers along the way.
Fun design in the cement.
Cute lady working in her garden.
So Gregg has noticed that everywhere we go there are these crazy possum looking creatures.  We asked a few people {including Google} and could not figure out what they were all about.  Finally I texted a friend back in the states who server her mission in Japan.  Here is what she told us;
It's called Tanuki, a mythical raccoon dog creature that is jolly and mischievous.  
{and there is one other feature about him but I am not going to share it here ... its not really appropriate ... apparently there is an entire song about it.}
There you go, a super random Japanese fact!  I made Gregg stand with this one for a picture so we wouldn't forget.
The last site we wanted to see in Japan was Tokyo Tower {made famous by various movies}.  
Tagg see's it.
It's design was inspired by the Eiffel tower, it is the second tallest building in Japan.
Pete was board by it.
And so was Tagg!
On our walk home we saw this parked mini-minivan.  They are everywhere and now you can see the perspective, Lauren is tiny and so is this car!  It's awesome, I tried to convince Nate and Lauren they needed one.
Cool corner store.
And this tree ... so cool.  It is two trees that have been trained to grown toward this metal round display.  Over the years it has been growing around the top.