Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tokyo {the view}.

After dinner we went to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building 東京都庁舎  {pictured above} to see the view from the top.  It is one of the tallest buildings in Tokyo so it's a great place to go to see the view of the city from.
This was the view in every direction.
37 million people live in this city.
This is a model of what the government building looks like.
The architecture is kind of cool.
This puzzle of the city has three-dimensional buildings.
We have been enough place now that we are starting to figure out the city just a bit!
We took the subway back home ... it was a little bit empty for a Saturday night!
The subway system here is insane!
On the last part of the walk home we found this venting machine down an ally.  It was so high up I am not sure how any of the local Japanese could have used it!!
{Gregg is on his tippy-toes}
We are wearing him out!