Sunday, April 19, 2015

Truman's 6th Birthday.

 Happy 6th Birthday Truman.
 We are in full Lego mode, which we love.  Truman was so excited about getting this Lego Star War's At-At for his birthday.  It took him ALL day to put it together but he did it almost entirely by himself.   He is most proud that it is for a 9-year old and he did built it on his 6th birthday. 
Picture by Truman!
 Lego birthday cake only seemed appropriate.
 Tiff and Pete snuggling.
 Grandpa Bob and Grandma Lynn came by to wish Truman a happy birthday.
 Truman is such a good kid.  He loves soccer, baseball, swimming and riding his bike.  He loves kindergarten and has worked especially hard to catch up in the dual immersion program.
 {Bodie, Truman, Jean, Quinn, Pete, Enoch, Nelson, Addie and Anna}
Nothing better than cousins on your birthday.
 Truman made name cards for everyone.
 More pictures of the incredible at-at.
 Grandpa and grandma Quinn.
At six years old Truman weighs 38.8 pounds and is 43 inches tall.

We love you Truman.