Sunday, April 26, 2015

Japan {Imperial Palace}.

Sunday afternoon Nate, Gregg and I went on a bike ride through Tokyo.  Here we are in the big bike elevator at their apartment building.
We rode through a really pretty cemetery.
Next we road downtown to the Imperial Palace 皇居.  This is the moat right in the middle of the city that is around the palace.
The main gates into the palace.
The palace property itself is actually really big, we only road around a small part.
Got it!

The gates to the palace.
This is as close to the palace as you can get, kind of disappointing, you can't really see anything.
It was still really pretty.
Oh, these two...
The view of the city from the palace.
Lauren let me borrow her bike!  I now have major bike envoy.  She has a basket for her groceries and a sweet chair for Tagg on the back... plus it has a small motor.
The trees at the palace were so awesome.  We tried to capture how cool they really were.
The contrast between the ancient Imperial Palace and the modern city was fascinating.
The picture below shows one of the original guard houses at the end of the moat - on the other side of the moat there are now modern corporate buildings.
These two again ... non stop talk philosophizing about life, real estate, investments, fatherhood, food, travel, and everything else!

Picture perfect!
The weather was beautiful, we had such a great time biking around and learning more about the city.
Camera in tow!
Lauren's bike has a small motor on it which was awesome!!! Especially on the hills!  Nate said when he first moved to Tokyo he was so impressed with the small Japanese ladies who were powering up hills with kids and groceries on their bikes.  Then he learned that most of them had small motors that were helping with the pedaling :)
Gregg wanted to bike by the Imperial hotel that was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright since we were so close to it {we are in Japan after all}.  We googled it and followed the maps on our bikes until we found it.  Unfortunately it was not very impressive especially considering it is the infamous Imperial Hotel.  
It didn't even have the look of a Frank Lloyd Wright building.
We later learned that this is the third Imperial hotel - the other two destroyed by fire, earthquakes and war.
We biked through Hibiya Park.
And finally, on our way home we passed this soccer field at the base of some large office buildings.  These kids were enjoying a Sunday afternoon game of soccer.  We took this picture to show our boys.