Thursday, April 23, 2015

Japan {Tokyo}.

 Pete woke up at 4:30 AM the first morning.  I quietly got up with him, fead him a banana and put him back to bed without waking anyone else up.
First things first!
Nate had labeled the "flush" on the remote control for the toilet.
Thanks Nate.
He taught Gregg all the special features to their mazing bidet.
I am telling you the toilet experience in Japan is amazing.  I am surprised these toilets are not more common in the US.  Gregg is already trying to figure out how to get one home with us.
Pete and Tagg immediately started playing together.  This is the view from Tagg's room, he loves to watch all the cars and truck below and make car noises.  It reminded me of his dad as a kid.
 Cute Tagg.
This is Nate and Lauren's building {house}, it's brand new and the style is very contemporary.
We would have loved to see the Japanese cherry blossoms but you just can't time those things!  They bloomed early this year and we missed them but there were other really pretty trees in bloom.
 Nate and Lauren pass this flower shop on the way to the subway everyday, I would be in trouble.
We headed out on the subway for our first day of adventures.