Saturday, April 25, 2015

Japan {Shabu Shabu}.

We met up with some of Nate and Lauren's good friends for dinner.
We were minding our own business until these cute girls stopped us with the usual "kawaii" and of course a picture!  Notice they are standing by the babies!!!
We went out for a traditional Shabu-shabu dinner.
Pete liked the rice.
In the middle of our table was this pot with two different broth bases.  As they started to boil we added the spices we wanted.
First we cooked all sorts of vegetables in the broth, most of which I had no idea what they were.

It was all so good.
Once we were done with our vegetables we cooked thin slices of pork, lamb and beef in the broth.
Gregg was getting so frustrated with the chopsticks.
He decided to just spear his dumplings.
Finally he resorted to using Pete's fork to eat!!!
For dessert they offered wasabi and tofu ice cream.
Pete was exhausted {and it looks like Gregg was too} by the time we finished dinner.

It was such a good dinner - I think we all indulged.