Friday, April 24, 2015

Japan {end of the third day}.

When in Japan do as the Japanese!!!

After starting our day at 3 AM at the fish market with sushi for breakfast and local ramen for lunch, we decided that tonight for dinner it was all about good old American comfort food!!!

We ordered Domino's to the house and it did not disappoint.  It was exactly what we needed after a few days of trying new foods and long days of touring.
We stopped by the local convenient store and picked up some orange Fanta to go along with dinner ... we all agree orange Fanta is so good in a foreign country - so much better then the US for some reason.
We also go Nate and Lauren hooked on "White Collar"
Everyone in our family has either all ready watched or is currently watching it - including my parents  - so it was our goal to get Nate and Lauren hooked while we were with them.
{all five season are on Netflix}
We were suppose to meet up with some of Lauren's friends for dessert but we were to tired to go out again.  Gregg and I stayed home and watched the kids while she and Nate met up and then latter met friends.
 Tagg loved having a buddy to bathe with.  He would laugh so hard when Pete would splash the water.
 Later the two of them got in this little fight.  Pete was sitting on a book that Tagg wanted.  I don't know if Pete knew what he was doing was making Tagg mad, he sure acted like he knew he was rocking Tagg's boat.  We shot this quick video.

After we put the kids to bed we crawled into bed ourselves and crashed (at about 8PM)  We left our door open so we would hear Nate and Lauren when they came home - we didn't hear a thing!  We were passed out until morning :)