Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Japan {Kiyomizu-dera}.

This was the street leading up to Kiyomizu-dera.  It was one of the most touristy places we had been, it was still fun to see all the trinkets being sold.  I was tempted above that which I could handle and bought a few things!!
Tickets into Kiyomizu-dera.
Map of the place.
This is what a real wood floor looks like after being walked on by millions of people each year for several years.  It was gorgeous, this picture does not even do it justice.  The knots were not worn down as much as the rest of the floor - it was very uneven.
The hill side was amazing that this temple was on.  Here we are on one side of the "valley" looking toward the orange temple.
Looking down on the people at the waterfall.  We walked down to this area and then back up the other side of the mountain.
The present buildings here were constructed in 1633.  Kiyomizu-dera's name is from this water fall pictured above.  The water runs off the nearby hills.  Kiymizu means clear water, or pure water.
Pete, Gregg, Tagg and Nate and lots and lots of steps.
 Nate and Tagg taking a selfie.
 We weren't sure what this guys was doing, it kind of looked like he was asking for money.  If so, this would have been the only person that we saw in all of Japan asking for money.  No homeless people and no beggars anywhere!
 Beautiful color and architecture.
 A Japanese design or architecture class would have been fun to take in college - if there is such a thing.

This give you a little bit of an idea of what Kyoto looks like.  It was a bit of a smoky day.  Kyoto was once the capital of Japan that is why it has such a rich history.
 These cute ladies paid money to be dressed up in traditional Japanese costume.  We learned it was a big tradition to go in the morning and be dressed up in these outfits with hair and make up done and then tour these temples and shrines all dolled up.  Lauren and I almost did it!  Two Caucasians dressed up like this might have been a bit funny.
 People wanting pictures with Pete.
 Asian selfie!
From the other side of the "valley" this is the view.
Amazing! That building was built without a single nail {it's the main Buddhist temple}.
 Look at that!
Not a single nail.
 Pete enjoyed it!
 That does not look like a comfortable way to sleep.
Tagg was almost asleep as well, although he climbed out of the top of his Baby-urgo to be closer to dad.
 On our way out we passed these cute ladies having lunch - they were dying over Pete and Tagg.
Now that is a welcome sign!!!