Thursday, April 23, 2015

Japan {Takeshita Street}.

Our next visit was to Takeshita Street in the Harajuku district.  It's known locally to the teenagers as the fashion and culture district.  It used to be where you could get knock-off fashions but over the last 10 years Japan has cracked down on the black market and changed this street around.  Now it's a street full of fun shops with authentic Japanese foods and souvenirs.
The street is closed to car and traffic of any kind.
I asked these cute girls working at the candy store if I could take their picture.  They were happy to pose for me :)
This store was heaven to me!
I love candy.
Pete loved the Urgobaby.
The Japanese are kind of obsessed with fake plastic food.  You see these displays of food everywhere and they take great pride in them.
These are all plastic too!
Lauren wanted me to get this giant lollipop for Bodie.
The kids asked us to find Japanese Lego's for them.  These were the closest things to Lego's that we saw on the entire trip, just a random sculpture.
Often times on Takeshita street you will see girls dressed like this, it's kind of a trendy and totally random thing to do.  We literally "ran into" these girls coming out of a store ... I tired to take their picture but once they realized what I was doing their hid their faces.
They dress like animals.
Calbee is a local specialty fries place that we had to try.
Thank goodness for pictures since we could't read anything.  This is Lauren and Gregg decided what we should try.
Watching our fries being made fresh.
We decided to try the chocolate and soft serve vanilla ice cream fries...
and cheese fires {not the kind of cheese you think of in the states}.
Pete couldn't have any {food allergies} but he seemed to be okay with that.
He had dried apples instead.
Cute Tagg - we loved spending so much time with him.
And they are only a few weeks apart, Pete needs to grow.
Tagg's rattail.  We kind of teased him about it.
We all agreed the fries were not that great, but we were glad we experience it.
We enjoyed walking around Takeshita street for a while checking everything out.  As could be expected there is green tea flavored EVERYTHING including Gregg's favorite snack, Kit-Kat's.
 Tired Tagg.
We stopped by McDonald's so Pete could have some fries.  They are just as good in Japan as in America.
We also tried the Japanese Cherry Blossom shake at McDonald's - when in Japan do as the Japanese!!!
 We took a quick subway ride home to meet up with Nate who was coming home from a business trip.