Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Japan {Gion District}.

This was the sight trying to drive out of Kiyomizudera - it was crowded and we were in a hurry so we took a cab.  Lauren did a great job leading the way.
We headed to the Gion  祇園 district where we went to a show about geisha's.   Gion was originally for accommodating the needs of travelers and visitors to the shrine but eventually evolved to become one of the most exclusive and well-known geisha districts in all of Japan.
We went to a show with geisha dancers - I really wanted to take a picture of them but photography was strictly prohibited.  I snuck these two pictures one before the show and one as we were leaving.
This building was used for the Olympics - but that is all I know about it.
After the show Lauren and I were determined to find some real Geisha.  You can tell the husbands were less then thrilled with the idea.  We Googled as much information as we could about where and when to see them.
Here Nate is reading a travel book about Japan that we brought from our local library.
Cute fish swimming in the gutter.
This was the official 'entrance' to the Gion district street.
This is what an old-style Japanese teahouse (machiya) looks like, the Gion district has tons of them.  Lauren and I were stocking them out like crazy trying to spot a real geisha.  We even followed an old man who got out of a taxi and was obviously looking for a specific address.  Nate and Gregg tried to stay as far away from us as they could and act like they had no idea who we were.
This is not a real geisha but it was a cute old lady dressed in her traditional Japanese and I asked if I could take her picture, she was happy to let me.
Then I got really gutsy and asked if I could take a picture with her!  She again was happy to do so, the Japanese are such sweet people!
Cute Gregg and Lauren with their babies!
In Japanese culture the woman do all the baby/child raising (WORK) so Gregg got funny stares when he had Pete in the baby Urgo.  He didn't mind.
When in Japan do as the Japanese!!
Cherry blossom shakes from McDonalds!
Riding the bus.
Pete has been such a perfect baby this entire trip.
The subways are insane.
Nate and Lauren can navigate them flawlessly.
We follow close behind like little puppy dogs.
And of course we were stopped in the subway by these cute school girls who could not get enough of Tagg and Pete, our little blond hair blue eyed babies.