Sunday, October 12, 2014

California: Mormon BattalionVC.

After the temple we drove to historic downtown San Diego to the Mormon Battalion Visitor Center.
It has recently been remodeled and was amazing, defiantly worth going to.

My cute little pioneer children!

Truman and Bodie trying out the wagon to see what it's like.
The visitor center tour was awesome, and that coming from a former visitor center sister missionary!  Gregg and I both admitted on the drive to the VC that we didn't know much about the history of the Mormon Battalion.  After the tour {which is very kid friendly} we knew all about the pioneers and their experiences and the importance they played in the history of San Diego.

The picture above is of the "pictures" that we were looking at as we started the VC tour - they then started to "talk" and move and interact with us.  Nothing like the VC tours I did 12 years ago at the Los Angeles Visitor Center on my mission - I was kind of jealous of the sisters here.

We moved from room to room during the tour - in this room you can see another "picture" that was interacting with us.
They dressed this boy in our tour to look like what the men might have looked like on the trek.
This is the last room where we learned about how important the Mormon's have had on the culture of San Diego.  The kids are looking at pictures of the pioneers and Gregg is answering their questions.  So cute.
Cool architecture and design!
At the end of the tour the kids got to pan for two pieces of gold which they thought was amazing!
The sister missionaries taught us how.
This might have been Truman and Bodie's favorite part of our entire vacation!!!
We climbed these stairs to the top of the VC to see the city of San Diego and the ocean.
Checking out the sights around San Diego.
The sister missionary that gave us our tour was darling!
What a great place to be called on a mission.
Poor Bodie got cut out of the picture :)