Thursday, October 9, 2014

Hee Haw Farms.

Today Truman ditched school to go on a field trip with me and Bodie and Bodie's preschool.
We went to Hee Haw Farms to see the farm animals and play.
Miss. Camee
Charlotte, Dawson, Kennedy, Bodie, Ozzie
Truman and the goats.
Bodie wasn't so sure about touching them!
Tiffany met us there with Jean, Anna, Nelson and our cousins' daughter Mackenzie.
Feeding the new little piglets.
I kind of feel like this mama pig feels!
Truman on the big slide.

Anna on the big slide.

Jean on the big slide.
Truman's second time down the big slide he had a little wipe-out!
There was this awesome maze that had the kids a little bit stumped.
The goal was to make it to the center but you could only make left-hand turns.
After a little bit of a mind change we figured it out!
There is Bodie showing us how.
Truman and Anna made it.
The corn pit is always a hit! Ha, ha.
At the end we went with Bodie's class on a hay ride.
Tiffany and Nelson
Bodie, me and Pete.
The kids also got to do a huge corn maze and pick a pumpkin when we left.
Fun memories.
Thanks Hopkinson's for meeting us there.