Saturday, October 11, 2014


After a leisurely morning in St. George with cousins we jumped in the car and drove the rest of the way to San Diego.  The kids napped and the drive was uneventful.
 Just seeing palm tree's feels relaxing.
 When we were planning our trip several months ago we found this cute two bedroom condo to rent.  It is in a central location to the areas we want to explore and the beach.  The kids were so excited to "find their room" and "move in".
The street it is on is called 'Camille Way' - nice!
I tried to snap some pictures before our junk exploded!
Our view.
Two big beds and two hyper boys after being in the car.
They are obsessed with the round pillows.
Master shower/tub which the boys found very entertaining!
Before we had the car unpacked the boys had started the shower and were filling the tub with Pete looking on.  Silly boys.

It was a big day and we are excited to be here as a family ready for a va-ca!