Monday, October 6, 2014


Leave it to Bodie to keep things interesting around here!
Today as I walked back up the driveway from picking up Truman at the bus stop I was met by a bawling Bodie.  He was holding his hair and trying desperately through tears to tell me something about gum/hair/so sorry/am I going to die.
After I calmed him down all I could get out of him was that his gum jumped into his hair and he was afraid he was going to die!
{this was him on the driveway telling me about it}.
 I immediately had to call Gregg and tell him what happened.
So typical of Bodie!!
The gun incident resulted in everyone getting a hair cut {which Gregg most desperately needed - just look at his hair in the previous post!}.
He was HAPPY to get his hair cut!  He was just so relieved that he wasn't going to die.
You can see it best from this perspective.
The fresh haircuts and baths resulted in this cute impromptu photo-shoot on our bed.

His haircut ended up being a little shorter then I would normally cut it and a little bit choppy in the front, but it will grow quickly!
And this little cutie needs a haircut just as often as the rest of them.
Crazy blonde hair!