Tuesday, October 14, 2014

California: pool day

 Today we spent the day at the pool.
When we originally planned this vacation we penciled in what we wanted to do each day but ultimately decided we wouldn't have a set schedule.  We figured after a big day at Legoland yesterday that it would be best if we had a more relaxed day today {which included naps}!
 Bodie talking to Pete.
 Pool baby.
 The resort we are staying at has several different pools, some just for kids, some just for adults and other really family friendly ones.  The same goes for the different club houses.
 The kids love this clubhouse with air hockey and pool tables!  They are going to be champion air hockey players by the time we go home!
 The late afternoon sun is so beautiful.
 I brought these workbooks for the boys to do while we are on vacation.  They have worked out perfectly as little activities to do while we wait for dinner to cook.
 He's missing a little bit of school to be on this vacation!
Naps all around today and a quick and easy bedtime too!
We were exhausted.
Pete and Truman.