Monday, October 20, 2014

Pumpkin Carving.

For FHE tonight we invited Dallin and Becca over for dinner and to carve pumpkins with us.
They brought this HUGE pumpkin that my mom grew in her garden.
There was this nasty green mold looking stuff inside ... it was cold and frozen.

 The pumpkin was perfect for Pete.
 Gregg enjoying his pumpkin carving
 I cleaned the seeds {which I hate doing} then seasoned them and baked them {I love eating them so I guess it make cleaning them worth it}.
We put the pumpkins out on the front porch and put candles in them.
After cleaning up the carving mess and putting the kids to bed we all jumped into our bed with popcorn to watch Studio C.
This is actually a regular scene at our house on Monday nights!