Saturday, October 18, 2014

California, Nevada, Arizona and Utah!

 The drive home was beautiful, and rather uneventful, just they way you want a rode trip to be!
The kids slept for the first several hours.  We stopped for lunch and to play and then it was back to activities in the car.
Truman is really into coloring so he colored and drew most of the time, I was so surprised.  I didn't even use half of my "Marry Poppins" bag full tricks and treats to entertain.
We were planning on staying the night in St. George.  We stopped at our cousins to have dinner with them.  We ordered pizza and let the kids play.  After a couple of hours of playing and full bellies we put the kids PJ's on them and decided to head home.  We stopped by the infamous Swig for a drink and treat and then we hit the road.  The kids were asleep by the time we were back on I-15, Gregg  turned on the BYU game to listen to and before we knew it we were home!!