Friday, October 17, 2014

California: Resort Day.

Today we played with the kids at the condo and the surrounding areas.
In the morning I played with the kids at this fun park.
They wanted to know how to play chess - I told them they would have to ask Uncle Nate to teach them.
 While Pete took a little midmorning nap we played with bubbles on the deck.
 Truman worked so hard on blowing bubbles and then catching them.
He pretty much mastered it.

 Then it was on to light sabering with the bubble wands.
 In the afternoon we ventured up to the pool.  Even though we had a choice of eight different pools we always went to this one.  To the left of it was a large water slide but I never got a picture of the kids going down it.
 One of the staff members gave Bodie this beach ball.
Bodie working on swimming with dad.

 Bodie's swimming skills have improved the most this year and the time in the water on this vacation solidified his ability to swim to us without a lifejacket.
 Pete getting warmed up after a swim.
There was no keeping this kids awake after our morning of adventures.
 We got all cleaned up to go out to dinner but before leaving we had to play a little frisbee.
I am really impressed with Bodie's ability to throw and catch the frisbee.  That is no easy thing. 
The alligator arms.
 I can't wait until next year when Pete is out there with them.
My cute Bodie, even with the grump face.
{he's faking it}
Love this little man.
What a great time we have had together as a family on this little va-ca.
We will have great memories.