Thursday, October 16, 2014

California: Sea World

Today we took the kids to Sea World and it did not disappoint! We all had a blast.
 Waiting for our first show!  Truman doesn't know what to expect.
 I have a few vague memories of Sea World as a child but it's nothing now like I remember it!
Here Truman and Gregg are at the "Arctic" learning about polar bears and penguins.
 There was something really fascinating about touching a frozen wall in October even though we see ice all the time at home in the winter.
 The boys would have watched the polar bears swim all day but we had to keep them moving.
 This was a polar bears cave you could go inside and explore.  Bodie would not go near it and Truman made Gregg and I go inside and check it out first.  He wouldn't go in after we came out and told him their was a real polar bear inside :)
 So many under water animal to explore.
{see the dolphin right below}
I could not believe how much the kids loved this exhibit.  Bodie is checking out his feet prints compared to a polar bear and Truman is having dad explain about Antartica {and he is asking if we can visit their on our next vacation}!
 Next we were on to learn about turtles.
 Again, the kids could have stood here all day looking at animals but we had to keep moving to see it all.
 Super cheese photo-opt.
 The penguin express!  There must have been a bad reputation for people not moving along at this exhibit because they have installed a moving sidewalk so you don't have any other choice but to be moved right along!!
 Those poor penguins, they think they are somewhere really cold but their not!
 Dad is so nice to let people ride on his head!
 Next we were on to watch the flamingos - our kids didn't know what flamingos were!

 Now they do!
 The halloween decorations were starting to emerge.
 Pretty plants and flowers.
 We practically had the place to ourselves and the weather was perfect!
Dreamy vacation.

Cute except for the running nose.
 The petting tanks are always a hit - except this one had baby sharks.
 I can't believe this guy mustered up the courage to touch one.
 Back when we planned this trip we thought it would be fun to invite some friends.  We immediately thought of our good friends the Fife's.  When we called to invite them they told us they were already planning the same trip at the same time!!  We decided to meet up a few days.
 We met today at the infamous Shamu show.
 Bodie was impressed.
Lots of tricks.
Pete was chill
 Next came the splashing.  
 We didn't think we were in the splash zone ... 
 ... until this back "cannon ball" happened.
 And even though it was hot out Bodie was not happy.
 Here he is telling me he did not want to get wet!
 Tami and Tab.
 The Fife's
Tami, Tabitha, Brandon and Gabrielle.
And us, after getting wet!
Gregg, Pete, me, Bodie and Truman.
 Friends making plans to meet at the next show.
After Shamu's show we went and watched him swim around, the boys loved it.
 Happy little Pete.
 Truman got to touch these dolphins as they swam.  Very cool.
He said they were soft.
 Bodie sharing his sunnies.
 The next show was the dolphin show.
 Not as amazing as Shamu but still fun.
 There was this entire acrobatic thing in the show which we all thought was a little strange.
 We came to see animals fly through the air, not people dressed up like animals flying threw the air.
Truman and Gregg loved all the touching ponds.
This one was manarays.
 Birds of paradise always remind me of my mission.
 Bodie was our navigator for the day, he did a great job.
 We were really hoping to see an octopus or squid - no luck, but this star fish was pretty cool.
 The petting ponds were really cool here by the star fish exhibit.
There were a few dedicated nursing lounge's at Sea World.
I was impressed.
There was A/C, a rocking chair, mirror and a changing table ... the only thing missing was a toilet! 
 Pete out for an afternoon nap!
 He missed our stop at Pineapple Pete's Island Eats.
We had to stop with a name like that.
 To end the day the kids wanted to go back to the fish touching ponds.  These little fish would all swim up to your hand and nibble the dead skin off your hand - it felt kind of funny but you sure had a soft hand afterward.
About an hour before our day at Sea World was over my flip-flop broke.  I walked around for the last hour with only one shoe on it.  It was N.A.S.T.Y.  Right as we were getting ready to leave the park we walked past a souvenir shop where I am sure I could have picked up another pair for sandals ... why I didn't think of that earlier I have no idea.
 This was an epic day and I think the kids might be talking about it for a long time.
 As you can imagine the kids were asleep before we even got back to our condo.