Sunday, October 12, 2014

California: La Jolla Cove.

Our next stop was to take the kids to beautiful La Jolla cove.
Bodie wasn't so sure about the sand and the water, he wanted to know for a fact that it was not as cold as the Oregon Coast!
Just right down the road from where we parked was a small grassy area that was perfect for throwing the frisbee.  We have been working on our frisbee skills!
Bodie really started to get the hang of it on this vacation - nice catch little guy.
Gregg trying to save a wild throw from going into the ocean ...
Animal watching.
Here is another picture perfect catch from Bodie!
And Truman.
Our game quickly turned into a game of tackle.
Nice catch.
Bodie kept getting his hands mixed up so we taught him to put his left hand in his pocket so he wasn't tempted to use it and so it wasn't in the way.
Pete loved the ocean breeze and watching the kids play {and he loved eating his two fingers}.
La Jolla is beautiful.