Wednesday, October 15, 2014

California: Coronado Beach.

After our visit to the USS Midway we took the kids to In-N-Out burger.  Even though we have In-N-Out in Utah now it's nothing like eating at one while IN California.  And apparently we had never taken the kids before - they loved it, especially the stickers and hats.
Ahh, so good.  It will always remind me of my mission.

Next we were off to Coronado beach to play in the sand and water.
Truman was in heaven!
A sand angel!
Bubbles are always a hit while on the beach.
Making a sand castle was the first order of business.
The beautiful Coronado hotel.
Pete was happy as a clam watching the kids play.
Truman let Bodie bury him in sand.
Bodie likes this beach much better then the Oregon Coast!
Trying not to get splashed by the water.
There were lots of army planes and helicopters over head.
Pete likes the beach, and his two fingers.
Lots of bubbles ... 
Crazy boys.
And lots of playing ball.
I love this goofy kid.

Before we left the beach I made the kids clean off in the ocean and change into nicer clothes for some pictures.  Non of them turned out very well :(
We tried.

Despite me asking them not to get wet or sandy they still did.
This is how they really felt!
What a beautiful and fun day!
We showered off as much sand as we could before loading back into the car.
Holy Smoly's - this is why I love where I live - the freeways are insane.
On the way back to our condo we had to swing by the grocery store so I could pick up a RX for SHINGLES.

I broke out in shingles AGAIN!  I had them a couple of years ago when I was first pregnant with Truman.  I noticed something "odd" on my spine a few days ago - it would not go away so I had Gregg look at it and he confirmed it looked like shingles.  I called Dr. Haderlie because I couldn't remember what I needed to do for them.  He called me in a prescription to start taking.  CRAZINESS!  I have no idea why I broke out in them - I am not stressed or anything.  Mostly now I am just worried about Pete because he is not vaccinated for chicken-pox yet.
He looks a little bit mad at me!
All cleaned up and ready for bed.

Another really fun day here in California.