Wednesday, October 15, 2014

California: USS Midway

Today we started our day by taking the kids to see the USS Midway.  They of course thought it was a big "awesome" ship named after our town of Midway :)
 It is a big ship and it is awesome but it has nothing do to with the Midway we live in.
 I almost wasn't going to bring the double stroller on this trip - what was I thinking?!?
It fits three perfectly.
 It was a first for our kids to get to sit inside a real fighter jet.
 They could have stayed right here and played pretend for hours.
 Up on top of the USS Midway were lots more planes and jets to explore.
 This is one of the runways off the beck of the ship.
A little scary if you ask me.
 When I asked Truman what he thought of the USS Midway this is what I got.
 Beautiful view of San Diego and Harbor Island from up top.
 Bodie really wanted to touch a "bomb"
 He was super happy about that.
 The kids absolutely loved sitting in and exploring all the jets.
 And by kids I meant Gregg too!
 Me, Bodie and an army dude.
 There was just so much to see and take in and learn.
Bodie kept asking if we were on a real ship.
 On the harbor close to the USS Midway was this iconic all American statue.
Gregg and I should have done a little pose ;)