Sunday, October 5, 2014

Conference weekend.

We spent a really relaxed and enjoyable Conference Weekend at the Tate Estate with my parents, my grandparents, Hopkinson's, Dallin and Becca and my cousin David.
In between sessions we played outside.
Aaron had a new *toy* he was trying out.
Umm ... like father like son!?
The rocket.
We had contest to see who could launch it the furthest.
I had fun playing around with the late afternoon low light and my camera.
Truman getting a ride on Dallin's bike.
Anna enjoying a popsicle, that's how nice the weather has been.
Grandma teaching Truman how to drive the 4-wheeler.
Cute Quinn.
Conference watching.
Grandma Quinn, David, Grandpa and Grandma Arave.
Grandpa Arave "watching" Conference.
Quinn and Gregg.
Grandma taught Anna how to hand crocheting, she was so proud.
David and Grandpa talking technology.
Conference walk.
Addie, Grandma, Nelson, Tiff, Grandpa, Anna and Aaron.
Dallin and Becca.
Aaron and Anna.
Addie and her pretty red leaves.
Aaron and Jean.
Jean made and hung this sign in my parents front window - so cute.  Now that is talent, some of the letters are even written backwards.
 My parents new house was basically designed around this LONG dinning room table and today we opened it up and extended it out as long as it could go.  We didn't eat at it, we crafted and did projects!
 We had a computer line up with people working on technical stuff.
 Saturday afternoon I watched my friends little boy so their family could go 4-wheeling together with their older kids.  I put Bodie and Ty in my car to run an errand and this happened!

 Sometimes Bodie needs a little extra TLC from his Grandpa Quinn :)
I caught this moment with my iphone.
 One of our friends made this cute Conference Bingo game and gave us with a bag of candy corns to enjoy for the weekend.  It was a huge hit with the kids.
 I had a little "honey do" project for Gregg and Aaron to work on during conference.  Here my grandpa is monitoring the yougens'
Gregg and Aaron getting very creative trying to get some moisture out of a zip-lock sealer ... it was ugly.
The good news ... they got it fixed :)
It turned out to be kind of comical!
And what is a conference weekend with out conference cinnamon rolls for breakfast??

This year we upped the sweetness and had Becca's homemade cream cheese frosting on them {instead of store bought frosting}. 

A new tradition was born :)