Monday, October 13, 2014

California: Legoland

One of the main reasons for our trip to Southern California was to take the kids to Legoland.  Just in the past 6 months the kids have become very interested in Legos.  
One of our first stops was Duplo land to play legos and create.
Next was the Hero Factory to work with the kenex Legos.  The picture wall above was made entirely of Legos {see the close up picture below}
These Lego's are a little to advanced for our kids.
Next we were off to find the rides.
They have a pretty sweet policy about rides/lines these days.  We would all wait in line together {although the lines weren't bad}, Gregg and Truman would usually ride together, then we would immediately get to go again {without waiting} with Bodie or if Bodie didn't want to do the ride then Truman would get to do it again with me.  

I'm not usually a huge "ride lover" but kids make everything so much fun!!!

Bodie didn't want to do this ride so Truman did it again with Gregg.
I can't believe Gregg got Truman to put his hands in the air!
We were big fans of the all the Lego creatures throughout the park.
The skeleton is one of our kids favorite Lego 'people' that we own so we were happy to find this decoration!
And we really loved this one MADE out of millions of small legos.
We did wait insanely to long in line to ride this; it ride was not worth it!
We went miniature golfing inside Legoland, the kids loved it.
Into the hole it goes for Bodie!!!
Lots of Lego figurines along the way made it interesting.
Petting a fox.
Bodie's got mad 'Happy Gilmore' skills.
This spraying skink was my favorite.
I am not sure what is up with these kissing pictures ...
On the last hole Truman got a hole-in-one ... it was pretty remarkable!
After mini-golfing we found this huge lego dragon.  We took a picture and texted it to our cousin Ira who is obsessed with dragons - he would have loved seeing it.
Next we were off to the miniature lego cities to check them out, Gregg was excited to explore them.
The Halloween details everywhere were awesome.
Truman in front of the White House.
We were on the hunt for the Star Wars legos which were hard to find but once we did, it was magical!  Just look at Bodie's face, it says it all.
Pete enjoyed it all from his stroller, happy as can be.
Finally, Star Wars Legos!
It might have been more interesting to me if I knew anything about Star Wars ... 
Darth Maul is Bodie's favorite character.
After the Star War's Legos it was off to see more small cities.
This is New Orleans Bourbon street.
And Las Vegas.
And you can't go to Legoland without exploring all about how the Lego Movie was made.  There was a building dedicated to the Lego Movie and how it was made, including the real sets.
Checking out scenes from the Lego Movie.
Look!  Emmett!!!
Everything was "AWESOME"
Diving School and the Lego go-carts were a huge hit with the boys.
Bodie took things very seriously!
I was surprised at how many places around Legoland there were to stop and play Lego's - the kids loved it.
Before going to Legoland I read on their web site that you could bring lego characters and trade them in the park with park employee's for different guys.  I had each of the boys find a lego guy they wanted to trade and throughout our day we continuously traded our guys for new and different guys.  It was a fun added element to our day.
Happy Pete along for the adventure.
Our last stop in the park was a ride that even Pete could enjoy!  The kids train around a "farm"
Pete likes it!
What a fun day!
The kids had a blast and it was all worth it.