Saturday, July 5, 2014

Arave Reunion: The Wedding.

My cousin Molly decided to get married during the reunion and capitalize on people already being in Idaho.  
Tyler and Molly.
Beautiful Molly.
Linz the photo bomber!
Molly asked me and Linz to help take some photos at the wedding - we had a good time and Molly had chosen a beautiful location {can't remember what it was called} for some pictures of them together.

I loved her flowers.
They were good sports about letting me write this on the back of their car the first day of the reunion!  They drove around all weekend with it!
The ceremony was in my aunt and uncle's back yard - it looked so good.
This was the BEST part of the entire day - hands down.
Just as the official ceremony was starting, Molly's little boy Liam jumped up from his seat and quietly walked over to his mom and grabbed her hand then looked up at Tyler and grabbed his hand ... it was so sweet and so innocent.

The fist-pump at the end
{from some movie .. ??}
So cute ... both of them!
The yard again ... I kept wanting to take pictures of the yard all night.
Major yard envoy going on.
Crew and Sawyer Schank
Grandma snuggling Pete.
I sent Gregg and the two bigger boys back to Utah.  I was busy all day with wedding stuff and then at the wedding I was busy taking photos and it didn't make scents for Gregg to being hanging out with the boys all day. I will get a ride back to Utah with my family tomorrow.
Molly and Tyler both have sisters on missions so they had these pictures of them.

Liam was so good at the ceremony but in true little boy fashion as soon as it was over he was back into his play clothes eating his special corner of the wedding cake that had a spider web on it!

"little" Dallin.

It was such a beautiful and fun evening.
Did I mention that my aunt made her dress?  It was really pretty.

Sharon and Anthony.
Jake and April.
Linz and Crew.
Josh and Sam.
Thun Family.
{they win the award for most effort to get to the reunion - they came from New York and in the process of getting to Idaho they moved all their belongings from NY to Pennsylvania!}
Libby, Kennedi and Parker.
The Schank Family.
Today was Lindsey and Abe's wedding anniversary ... they obviously don't remember how many years its been :)
Happy Anniversary ... and many more.
Sleeping Pete.
Christine, Ilene and Valine
They must all think alike because they were all dressed alike!
Parents of the bride.
Joel and Ilene.
Grandpa and Grandma Arave.

Congratulations Molly and Tyler!