Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Tonight we met Gregg's little brother Brad at the Valais tennis courts for a friendly tennis match.
Brad leaves tomorrow for a new job back east so the brother's wanted to duel it out one more time on the tennis courts.
Feeling old?!
He's still got his serve.
We think Bodie might be our tennis player, he loves the game.
To say he and Truman were excited to watch uncle Brad and Dad play would be an understatement.
Brad's wicked serve.
{wait a minute ... I just realized that he is using my racquet ... it must have brought him good luck}!
Patiently waiting for his turn to play.
Beautiful Midway sky.
After each set they would take a minute to catch their breath before moving on to the next set - it's an old man addition to the game!
Can you tell who won :)
I think it's finally official that the little brother can beat his big brother ... I'm not sure Gregg ever won a match against Brad this summer.   Sorry babe.  
Bodie talking Brad's ear off.
Finally, it's the little boys' turn.

He just might turn into a tennis player like his dad.
Pete was happy to be outside watching.
Truman's pure concentration.
Bodie concentrating.
{best picture of the night}
Truman bouncing the ball on his racquet
Maybe these little brother's will take after their dad and uncle Brad and be tennis champs :)  I know Gregg and I would be okay with that.
For now they are happy whenever they can get someone to take them to the tennis courts to play around.