Monday, July 21, 2014

Million Dollar Driveway.

Over the winter and especially this spring we had some major settlement issues around three sides of our house.  More specifically the three sides where there was a 22 foot hole dug for the indoor basketball court.
The pictures don't really do justice - the only perspective you can see is where the rock ends on the house and then there is a gap between the dirt and rock.  It was about 3 feet worth of settlement.
 In this picture you can see where the grass sunk in toward the house - all the trees and bushes had to come out - it was really sad.
This is what our front steps and driveway looked like.  It was really sad too and quit dangerous.
It was slowly sinking this spring but then almost overnight it sunk a few feet - it was about the exact same time Pete was born.
Our excavator came over lickity-split to tear out the driveway for us and put down some gravel.
This poor driveway of ours, I am calling it the 'million dollar driveway'.  Last fall it took us FOREVER to get it poured, the original concrete guy that we hired disappeared on us and would not return any phone calls.  We had such a wet fall last year that all the concrete companies were so backed up - getting our driveway poured originally started to hold up our landscaping.  

We finally found a guy in Park City to come lay it for us and then THIS happened.  
And now this spring a huge chunk of it had to come out do to settlement issues.  We should have just gone with the pavers like we wanted in the first place - it would have been more cost effective a this point.
We had to get another dump truck full of dirt to fill in the settlement around the house and then everything had to be compacted.  
 It was so hard to see our landscaping being ruined that we just finished last fall :(
This is what the front looked like right around the time Pete was born, so warm and inviting!
More top-soil.
The boys stood outside and watched our new steps and driveway be poured for hours.
Hopefully now we don't have anymore problems :)