Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tate Estate: Quinn Party

It is party time and for the next two weeks we have so many fun things planned as a family.
We put together this calendar for the first week - that way people can put down what they are doing or what time they are serving their meal and people can come and go as they choose.
Lot's of World Cup soccer watching going on!
Pete, Gregg, Nate and Tagg.
And lots of crafts!  We made festive 4th of July pin-wheel straws for the Arave reunion later this week.
Anthony is in amazing shape - he has lost about 35 pounds this year.  One morning I took him on my 6.5 mile Snake Creek Canyon trail, he was running circles around me while I was sucking air!!!
This amazing rain storm rolled into Midway one afternoon - this picture was taken standing on my parents driveway looking toward Park City {Deer Valley is just on the other side of those mountains}.
Anthony and Ira enjoying some breakfast.
Nate and Tagg enjoying the view.
Nelson and Tiff.
A cute housewarming gift from Lauren's parents {The Timmins} to my parents.
The now famous Becca and Dallin rendition of 'Love Is an Open Door' from Frozen
Everyone asks for it when they are in town.  It is seriously SO cute.
There are LOTS of dance parties going on, I think everyone missed the grand piano.
The most requested songs are from Frozen played by aunt Becca and aunt Lauren.
Like I said, lots of piano playing going on!
Bodie and Gregg even got in on some of the dance parties.
Gotta' love the PJ's!
I just might have to blackmail her with this some day :)
And a bow at the end, of course.
Pete and those darn fingers that he has found and not stopped sucking since.
Soccer on the big screen.
Eliot was dressed to show his American soccer pride one day. 
This kid is hilarious!  He certainly keeps is parents on their toes {I kind of feel like Anthony deserves it!}
Pete, Addie, Lauren and Tagg
Lunch anyone?
Before we all got together we had a big intense Google document going around where everyone could put their travel plans and then we made food assignments and arraignments.  Each family was in charge of a meal with "assistants" assigned to them.  My mom didn't want to do any of the cooking - she just wanted to play with the grandkids and she deserves it!  We compiled a HUGE Costco list and she was happy to buy all the groceries ($$$$) as long as we did all the cooking {and by "we" I mean her kids}.
 My mom, Pete and I at Costco a couple of days ago buying everything on the huge grocery list - it was exhausting!
My car was PACKED with food - Pete even had to help hold some of the food.
More soccer watching.  It was an added bonus that the world cup was going on - everyone was cheering for the country they served their mission to.
Sharon made this huge rice crispy treat cake.
It was a practice wedding cake.
Sisters.  Addie and Quinn.
Sharon made the fondant, rolled it out and then put it on the cake - she did such a good job, and it tasted good too.  She let the boys decorate it with Lego guys.  It was a huge hit.
Lauren and I going on an adventure with three boys in the middle seat.
An afternoon at the pool.
Uncles on bottom, Anthony, Dallin and Nate
Addie, Quinn and Enoch on top with Truman trying to climb to the very top.
Pop-sickles on grandma's tramp for all to boys who were so well mannered for family pictures.
An afternoon game of ultimate frisbee.
Tagg and Anthony hugs
And some late night shenanigans {planning} by the adults in the kitchen - Aaron always has an adventure up his sleeve {more on that later}.