Thursday, July 3, 2014

Arave Reunion: Opening Social.

Everything is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!
Our first official Arave family reunion get together was a family dinner tonight in my aunt Ilene and uncle Joel's back yard.
The practice wedding cake turned kids cake was a hit and it survived the road trip from Utah to Idaho.
 My aunts yard is amazing, Gregg and I have major yard envy.
Gregg and Pete chilling.
Dr. Thun {the foot doctor} checking out Pete's crazy toes - he thinks they will be okay.
After a little bit of visiting and a pot-luck dinner we played an epic hour+ round of water ballon volleyball.
Jake and April.
Crew and Truman.
Everyone watching and waiting while Crew had a "moment" :)
Sharon and Ant {and Eliot}.

Aaron and Quinn - both catching some air.
Enoch and Tiff
Jean and Libby

Truman and Crew concentrating really hard.
Ant and Sharon throwing kids!
Just kidding.
Sam getting some Pete loves.
Addie and Nate.
This kid is trouble!
Grandma and Anna loves.
Jake and Linz.
Grandpa was innocently watching the fun when he got hit right in the middle of his belly with a water balloon that exploded all over!
Pete and Grandma snuggles in the hammock.
I can not get enough of him!
Becca and I taught the kids how to play duck-duck-goose.

Lauren, Tagg and Nate.
Love this kid.
Next we taught them how to play stop light - go light.

My aunt set up these cartons with paper and pen's for everyone to write a note to our current missionaries.
Elder Quinn in Mexico City and Sister Trent in Wisconsin
We miss them.
Grandpa writing to the missionaries.
For dessert Jake built a fire and the kids made s'mores.
As usual the Idaho sky did not disappoint.
First there was a little rain off in the distance.
Then there were huge marshmallow clouds that looked like they were straight from a painting.
And then it cleared and there was a beautiful sunset.
Sisters Christine, Ilene and Valine making plans.
We stayed at a local hotel downtown.  When we got to the hotel I got the kids all ready for bed, popped them some pop corn and let them eat it in bed while watching a movie on the ipad.
It was a huge day and we were exhausted.
Pete was such a good baby all day.  I laid him on the other bed in the hotel room {while I helped everyone else get ready for bed and settled} and he just laid there sucking those darn fingers until he fell asleep even though he was wet and hungry.