Thursday, July 3, 2014

Arave Reunion: The Snake River.

Packing!  It's easy when it's all patriotic!
I stayed up late last night getting things organized and prepared for our Arave family reunion and I got up early this morning to finish and pack.  Phew.

So thanks to Aaron always having some kind of adventure swirling around in his mind, we took the scenic route to Idaho Falls so we could float the Snake River. 
It was a beautiful drive.
Gregg driving in his swim suit!

Cute Truman all the way in the back by himself - so happy!

Bodie singing along and having a snack.
And Pete!

Bodie must has the smallest bladder around ... we had several stops on the side of the road ... this one was a little more complicated!
When we got to the river Aaron and Dallin had everything ready to go - all Gregg and Truman had to do was jump in!  I threw Truman into the raft thinking I would pull him out before any big rapids...
Ready for an adventure.
Becca and Dallin
And they were off ...
... with the GoPro {which Aaron is "borrowing" from McKay while he is on his mission :) on his head
Tiffany and I were the support vehicles with our sleeping babies {Bodie, Pete, Anna and Nelson} in tow.

At the first look-out we walked down a little closer to the river to wave 'hello' and make sure everyone was enjoying the ride.
They look like a happy bunch to me!
Unfortunately for us they drifted down the river quicker then we anticipated/calculated.  When we got to the Big Kahuna and Lunch Counter rapids WE HAD MISSED THEM.  I almost cried ... for two reasons.   First, I had just sent my 5-year-old down a class III rapid.  What has I thinking?!  And second, I missed documenting it!  I took the picture above from the trail I was RUNNING DOWN trying to catch them.  Right as I took this picture I heard all these little kids screaming "wahoooooo" and laughing.  At least I heard how much fun it was :(
We rushed to the pull-out so we wouldn't miss them coming down the river.
Bodie hanging out on the rocks waiting with me.
It looks like they had a blast!
No tears, everyone was still in the boat and only a few were soaking wet!!!
Aaron, Dallin, Addie, Becca, Enoch, Quinn, Truman, Jean and Gregg.
All smiles from this guy.
Jean, Enoch, Truman, Quinn, aunt Becca and Addie.
They did it and they loved it.
Although they were a little wet and cold.
Becca and Dallin.
The Hopkinson kids
Quinn, Addie, Jean and Enoch.
The mighty van {that my kids are completely jealous of}.

The GoPro video turned out awesome and Tiff edited it down into this 6 minute clip of highlights.
At minute 1:22 is when they do the first rapid which was Big Kahuna.  At 2:22 they do the Lunch Counter rapid.  At minute 3:33 they stop and do some cliff diving and at 5:50 is when they see us on the shore at the end waiting for them.

{I still can not believe that Aaron and Gregg didn't move the little kids to the middle of the raft and have them sit on the bottom of the raft thru the rapids}
I had to laugh {and take a picture} when I saw Tiff and Aaron's cooler between their seats with their drinks in it! White trash and living it up.
Everyone was asleep within minutes of getting back on the road.
Truman was freezing from being on the water - we had to wrap blankets around him.

Pete asleep upside down picture on my phone because he was sitting behind me!
And, I had to document that for the first time EVER in our married life Gregg's side of the car was set warmer {76 degrees} then mine {60}!

Thanks you Aaron for the adventure and the memories!