Monday, July 7, 2014

Pool with the Faulkners.

Our cousins the Faulkner's have been in town and today we met up at the pool so the boys could play together.

{waiting for pictures from Krista}!!!

Five little monkey's sleeping in my bed!
{Elliott Faulkner, Bodie, Ira Quinn, Truman, Jonas Faulkner}
After the pool I brought all the kids home with me.  I had Ira for the day so his parents could get some stuff done and I kept Jonas and Elliott for a little while so Krista could run some errands kid free.
Even Pete was asleep.
 After Jonas and Elliott left Truman, Bodie and Ira kept sleeping/having quiet time.
 I could not stop laughing {or taking pictures} of my kids invading Ira's personal space.  Luckily Ira didn't seem to mind.
 Poor Ira!