Saturday, July 12, 2014

Quinn Family.

 All good things have to come to an end ... and today we had to say good-bye to my siblings and their families.  Our two weeks of time together making memories is over, we packed it all in.  Thanks everyone for a good time.
 back: Valine and Paul
Gregg, Pete, Bodie, me, Truman, Ira, Sharon, Ant, Eliot, Becca, Dallin, Quinn, Lauren, Tagg, Nate
Enoch, Aaron, Nelson, Anna, Tiffany, Jean and Addie
Mom and Dad Quinn || Midway, Ut.
The Hopkinsons  || Herriman, Ut.
Enoch, Aaron, Tiff, Quinn, Addie, Nelson, Jean, Anna
 The Simons || Midway, Ut.
Gregg, Pete, Truman, Me, Bodie
 The Quinns || Ann Arbor, MI.
Eliot, Sharon, Ira, Anthony
 The Quinns || San Francisco, CA.
Taggart, Lauren and Nathan
 The Quinns || Provo, Ut.

and ... we are missing the baby ... McKay.
Elder Quinn || Mexico City

Here is a mission picture.  I miss him so much.
And, one more goofy one of our family.
Look at Pete's face!