Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Legos at the library.

Our library had a lego competition and "Lego Adventure" day.  Truman worked all summer on his entry for the competition.  We put all our lego's in the bedroom next to his and almost every morning he has been in there figuring out what to make.
He came up with this double decker bus idea from the Lego movie, it has been fun to watch him work on his concept.
We walked into the front door of the library to submit his double decker bus and Truman accidentally dropped it, it broke into a million pieces.  I wanted to cry for him.  He had been working so hard for so many days on making the bus perfect.  We all sat down and worked on putting it back together.  This is the little half smile I got after we put it together and determined that everything was going to be okay.
 The library hosted a "Lego Adventure" activity a few days later.
Bodie, Truman, Luke and Jake.
 Truman and Emmet!
 One of the activities was decorating wafer cookies to look like legos, I though it was a really cute idea.
Bodie ... I mean, Lucy... I mean Wyldstyle.
The activity got a little crazy but we stayed until the very end for the drawings and when Truman won this little Lego set it was worth the stay!  He was so shocked and excited.  This little kit has provided hours of entertainment.  We helped him put it together the first time and since then he has taken it apart and put it together multiple times a day.
So fun.