Saturday, July 5, 2014

Rexburg, Idaho Temple.

As part of our family reunion those who wanted attended a session at the Rexburg, Idaho temple early this morning.

It felt like such a huge effort to get there this morning {isn't that the way it always is}.  We had to have all the kids up and ready and fead {and nursed} and out of the hotel room and in the car by 7 AM.  I coordinated with my uncle Vaughn and cousin Bailee to watch the kids for us so we had to swing by Rigby to drop them off.  

We made it to the temple in time to make the 9 AM session, but it was full :(
I was bummed not to be in the session with our family so we did initatories instead.  It was actually really good, the spirit was very strong and it was exactly what we needed.  Without going into details on our public blog I will just say that we have had some friend making some hard choices right now.  It is so heartbreaking to see them, and watch them, and try to understand, I think at the temple this morning I felt exactly what I needed to.  I hope I don't forget the experience I had there this morning and that is why I wanted to write a little bit about it here.