Saturday, July 26, 2014

Provo River.

Today we rafter the Provo River with the Hopkinsons.  It was the perfect rafting day because it was so hot out and the water was nice and cool.
 Buddies, Truman and Enoch.
Bodie was excited about paddling.
 He was tired before we even started.
 Buddies, Truman and Jean.
Mom and Bodie.
 Addie has her own kayak so she was on her own.
 And so does Enoch.  They both did such a good job on their own.
 Tiffany and I were on a raft with all the littles.  It was actually comical!

 Gregg and Bodie where on a kayak,
 and so were Aaron and Anna.
 At one point when we were on a lazy part of the river Truman fell asleep and rolled off the back of the raft.  I reached down in the water and grabbed his lifejacket and placed him back on the raft - I don't think he knew what happened, it didn't even phase him.  It was pretty funny.
 At the last minute we convinced my dad to come with us - he brought a snow tube and rafter along the side of the boat ... I think he enjoyed the comic relief we provided :)
 Tiffany with Quinn and Jean between us and Truman in front of me.
 Anna on her dad's kayak.
 Anna and Bodie.
We had a blast and decided this needs to be a summer tradition.