Sunday, July 31, 2016


Trying to remember to slow down and enjoy these moments.
I grew these hollyhocks from seed! :)  They are by our front address rock and I love them.
Helping with dishes.
Beautiful sunny day.
Poor Pete had SO many x-rays this month.  We went in every Friday to make sure his arm is healing correctly.
Left: Bodie getting his cast at age 2
Right: Pete getting his cast at age 2
Working with dad.
I needed to take a picture like this THIS YEAR with Pete and his broken arm.  This was McKay last year.
Poor Norah - Pete is trying to sit on her.
7-11 day.
Poor kid, it looks so uncomfortable sleeping with that cast.
Getting Pete ready to shower - what a pain.
Simple tasks are such a pain now.
That is a dirty tub after three dirty boys bathed in it.
Late night shopping with Lauren - we found the perfect HUGE bags.
More x-rays.  He's used to it now.
That orange cast basically glows!
{these is a screen shot from my phone when I was checking in on our camera in Pete's room}.
I am giving Tagg all the treats he wants while he is here - trying to convince him that Aunt Millie's house is the best.
That is a funny way to sleep Norah.
Lots of rest for this little guy.  Trying to let that arm heal.
Hanging out in mom's big bag.
Napping on moms desk while she works.
Hanging out
Truman, Luke, Pete, Bodie, Jake and Norah
The Timmins family did a big bike ride over the summer - they stopped by our house for cold water and some shade!  It was fun to have them.
{Norah made it into their family photo :) Rebecca is holding her}.
Sleeping Norah on mom's desk.
Poor Pete is having such a bummer of a summer - we finally got him an air-tight bag for his arm {thank you Amazon} and he LOVING finally getting to get in the water.
Cousins and grandmas.
{Jean, Truman, Enoch, Bodie, Pete, Anna}
Someone loves dumplings and his chop-sticks from Tagg.
Norah is such a little Truman.
This is Truman at age 4 months.
Baby Gregg.
Both of these are baby Truman.
Pete insist on 'showing' Norah how to play with her toys.
A cute note from Truman to Bodie ... kind of ... you can tell by that face.
We are trying to nip a little sassy attitude in the booty - so - Truman had to write a page of sentences ... he then decided to give it to Bodie.  Ha.
Hopefully they both learned a lesson.
My garden helper.

Pete reminds me daily to check the raspberries!!!
If he ever goes missing in the yard I know where to find him.
Liquid GOLD right there ... :)  proud of myself for pumping that one morning for a day away from Norah.
Super glamours picture of me that Gregg took after a little out patient surgery.
I listened to this book in two days - I needed some fresh parenting ideas.  It had some good content - I'll take what will work for our family and implement it.
Gregg emailed me this picture one day to show me that Pete and I look similar.
We look so similar.  Look at our eyes.
Rocking the yellow cast now.
We have just about covered every color in the rainbow and we still have a month left.
I can not get enough of her.
A day at the Curiosity Museum with dad.  I love it when I get text pictures like this.
So cute.
Norah's first ponytail at 4 months old.
That hair.
My cousin and I on an early morning run up the canyon.
Baby McKay
My cute snuggle buddies.
Love them.
Here we go August - last month of summer.