Saturday, July 16, 2016

Family camping.

* I somehow lost this entire post {months ago} after typing all the details of the trip ... so sad.  So here is a quick version just to get it back up and to move on.
While Nate and his family was visiting from Tokyo they wanted to go camping.
This Jordanelle site is close to home and a really fun location.
Grandma and Lauren watching the babies while we made loads of trip with all the stuff.
We had to have famous dutch oven by my dad.
That is one dirty, tired face that only a mother could love :)
Had to document those crazy potato chip flavors.
Quiet possible my favorite picture EVER.
Pete loves his grandma Quinn.
My mom's darling camping socks from her sister!
Another all time favorite picture of Bodie helping grandpa set up his tent.
The newly weds - welcome to the family Rach.
Popcorn on the fire.
Pocket knife safety lessons from Aunt Tiff.
Thank you Tiffany.
Tokyo Quinn's
Off exploring together.
Such a happy little girl.
Dutch oven dessert by Nate.
He's taking over the Dutch Oven duties from my dad.
Nate taught the kids a fun new tick-tack-toe running game.
I had fun experimenting with different shutter speeds while they played.
A final walk to the bathrooms before bed.

Our Saturday morning view!
The kids had an awesome night.
This little girl slept next to me all night to keep warm.
That is one DIRTY cast after camping.
The Hopkinson tent.
Unfortunatly Aaron couldn't join us so Tiff had all the kids by herself.  You go Tiff!!!
Sleeping Lauren.
There family had a rough night.
Tagg FINALLY sleeping.  I am not sure what happened but he was not a happy kid most of the night and Nate ended up walking around trying to calm him down.
Nate ended up sleeping in the back of the Hopkinson's van.
Grandpa teaching the kids how to get the fire going again in the morning.
We had to cut Pete's PJ's so his cast would fit.
White trash!
Grandma didn't spend the night {she says she doesn't camp anymore} - she showed up bright and early with donuts and chocolate milk.
Yaa Grandma.
After we packed up camp we hiked down to the Provo river.
These two - they crack me up.
Cute Hazel finally smiled for me.
Group shot.
What a fun night away in the mountains with great memories.