Saturday, July 23, 2016

A lazy Saturday.

 A lazy Saturday morning with Norah.
 And yet again Bodie falls asleep with his hand in the popcorn bowl :)
Lazy Saturday nap.
 Bodie ended up taking a huge digger at grandma and grandpa's.
Rough day.
 Bodie ALWAYS has the best sad face.
 To compisate for the super bummer of a summer that Pete is having {due to the cast} he insists on a 4-wheeler ride EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
It makes him happy.
 My parents and I and Tiff worked for 1.5 hours on Aaron and Addie's 'mystery escape room' challenge.  I was so proud of us for figuring it out.
 I didn't have my real camera so these are all iPhone photos but I had to capture these darling cousins playing chess in their swim suits after dark by the fire.
 And I will NEVER tire of this cute milk-drunk look at night.