Thursday, July 14, 2016

Tokyo Cousins.

Our cousins from Tokyo are here visiting and we are loving every minute of it - trying to pack everything in.
{Tagg - who is about 3 weeks older than Pete}
{Hazel - this was my first time meeting her}.
Me trying to convince Tagg that Aunt Millie's house is awesome.
Such a doll - I am loving getting to know Hazel.
Lots of outside play and walks with these kids.
Truman and Bodie are LOVING all the "fireworks" associated with the holidays in July.  We are living it up with little tank battles like this one on a daily bases.
Boy heaven.
We road grandma's Ranger over to watch the Heber Creeper get robbed by these cute robbers.
"want to be buddies?"
It was a hot day so after the Heber Creeper we stopped by Timp Freeze for ice cream.
Pete can have their DoleWhip - ya for Pete treats!!!