Friday, July 1, 2016

Arave Reunion: Friday

Friday morning we had some family commitments so we weren't able to join the others until later in the day on the lake. 
Truman on Deer Creek kayaking.
Bodie kayaking.
Enoch and Truman.
One of the best parts of the reunion for me has been reconnecting with my cousin Eric and his girlfriend.

Now that looks good,
a nap by the water!
{Benson Trent}
Truman giving me the thumbs up on the day.
Sam Thun who is pregnant with her fourth.  Yippee!!
Abe, Sawyer and Lindsey.
Back on shore ...
Someone {Abe} convinced me to get into the raft with my nice camera to go take pictures.
Lindsey Schank.
Enoch Hopkinson.
I watched as my cousin Eric SLOWLY paddled toward us for what seemed like forever.  When he finally reached us I realized he was dragging our cousin Anne behind him and that is why he was so slow ... we were all rolling with laughter.
Lindsey almost toppled into the water as she tried to pull Anne into our boat.
Addie trying the paddle board.
Molly Young.
Sister Ilene and my mom.
Truman walking back from getting food at the pavilion ready to play harder.
Lindsey showing off her skills.
Festive Grandma Arave.
Goofy girls,
Kenedi Thun and Jean
Party is over ... the guys loaded the toys on the trailer and RAN it up the hill.
Addie, Valine, Enoch, Ilene, Lindsey and Eric's girlfriend watching.
Addie and I have twinner shoes {well, almost}.
After the lake a few of the "big kids" decided to run the Provo river.
I love Aaron's face in these two pictures :)
Anne Trent.
I wanted to get a good picture of everyone in the raft but the river runs quickly right where you get in so all I got where these action shots of the rafters starting out backwards.

Anne braved the kayak for the first time.
Back at camp dinner was in full force.
There was lots of crafting going on all weekend.
Here is Truman and Enoch's car creation.
Abe helped with Pete a ton!
Thank you Abe.
We had an epic "rock - paper - scissors" battled between everyone in camp.
Here is Bodie battling his great grandma Arave.
The scenery was beautiful as the sun set.
The little girls {Abi, Jean and Liberti} battling it out in rock-paper-scissors.
The final came down to Jean and her great grandma Arave.  Check out the faces in the above picture and then below.
Grandma won!
Jean, Enoch and Sawyer.
On to the next game.
Finger battles, which got pretty intense with the big boys.

Quinn ultimately won the trophy.
Boys and trees.
Enoch in his bed.
Someone is getting tired!
Pete loved feeding the horses.
Our kids could not wait to do fireworks. They started getting so tired so we ended up doing fireworks while it was still light and then putting them to bed.