Sunday, July 3, 2016

Pete's broken arm.

We had my cousin Lindsey and her family with us for church today - they are still in town for the reunion this weekend.
 My kids LOVED having two extra boys around.
 Bodie, Truman, Sawyer, Pete and Crew.
 I snapped this picture of Pete hugging Sawyer good-bye before they were on the road back home to Nevada.
It was the last picture of Pete's good arm :(
Little did I know our nice peaceful Sunday afternoon was about to change.
Pete fell off our bed backwards -- put out his hand to brace the impact from falling -- and broke his arm -- BOTH BONES.  I knew it when I heard it.  The fall didn't "sound right"
 After about an hour of trying to console Pete and distracted him with his favorite movie, favorite food, favorite toy and even a visit to see Grandma and Grandpa Quinn we decided to take him into the ER.  Our neighbor is an ER doctor and he helped convince us to take him in as well.
 He wasn't terrible upset - only when he tried to use his arm {I am guessing because it hurt}.
 He did not like getting X-rays.
 We took a quick look at the X-rays and could see that it was broken :(
But we still had to wait for the radiologist to read it.
 Watching a movie while we wait.
 Confirmed, both bones broken.
 They made him a little splint to wear for the week while we wait for the swelling to go down - then we will see our doctor for a cast.
 Getting his prize for being so good.
I am so sad.
My summer just got complicated and right when I was starting to feel more confident doing things with four kids.

We got home form the ER and the first thing he wanted to do was drive his car.
Here is to a speedy recovery.