Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Love and Logic.

I just finished a month long Love and Logic class that was SO GOOD.  As silly as this may sound it was totally an answer to some prayers I have had lately regarding my parenting {our parenting}.  Tuesday nights right during bed time was an awful time to have to leave my family for class .. but we managed and it was worth it.  Gregg put the kids to bed while I took the class and then I would come home and we would talk about what I learned and what ONE thing we were going to work on that week.  It ended up being a really successful way of doing things.

Gregg and I took a Love and Logic class several years ago so it was time for a refresher.  I was surprised how many Love and Logic strategies we were still using.  And I can honestly say things changed around 100% in our house over the last month :) SO HAPPY.