Friday, July 8, 2016


This is Pete's new look for the summer.
Today he got his cast.
So far he doesn't seem to mind.
Because his bone needed to be set just a little bit the doctor put one lay of the cast on then we went and had it x-rayed to make sure it looked good - once we saw the x-ray's he went ahead and finished casting it.

Pete was not a fan of getting the cast on.
Here doctor Haderlie is putting pressure on his arm to place the bone - so painful and so sad.
As you can see I made Gregg do the dirty work of holding Pete down.
Now that we are home and Pete has rested he doesn't seem to mind.
On the left is Bodie getting his left arm cast at age two (2013) and on the right is Pete getting his right arm cast at age two (2016).
To cope with our emotions {sad for Pete and for our summer plans} Gregg and I put the kids to bed early {for a Friday night} and ordered pizza for ourselves - we had it in bed while watching a movie.  It's become our way of having "date night" while we have young kids.