Sunday, July 24, 2016

4 Months Old.

 Little Miss Norah turned 4 months old today.
She is 11 pounds 10 ounces.
I always say that every age is my favorite but this might just take the cake!  She is such a good size to hold and snuggle.
 The minute anyone looks at her she is all smiles.
 Pete climbed up onto the sofa and didn't want to be left out.
 This is now Norah really felt about getting her photo taken, HA!
 Pete was all smiles and wanted his photo taken instead.
I love those cute teeth that FINALLY came in and really changed Pete's look.
 "see" mom.
 I called in the reinforcement to help me get Norah to smile .. her brothers.
The picture above is a genuine Norah face when she see's her brothers.
 All I wanted was a good "4-month old" photo but as you can see we had LOTS of help/distractions!  Someone decided he wanted to measure how tall Norah has gotten right during the photos.
Norah is such a joy, she handled her shots like a champ.  She started laughing this month and "talking" with he brothers.  She is still really small on the 'charts' but she is happy and growing so we are happy.