Saturday, July 30, 2016


I was feeling a little under the weather today so Gregg go Norah ready for our trip to the temple to see my cousin Bailee get married ... at the temple I grabbed Norah from the back seat to nurser her to find that Gregg had put her dress on backwards ... first of many times I am sure.  So cute. Had to document it.
My dad with his mom.
My grandma checking out Norah.
I was so happy to see my grandma Quinn at the temple.  She hasn't been doing well since my grandpa passed almost a year ago.  I didn't think she would make the trip to Utah.
Four generations.
My dad, his mom, me and Norah.
Here comes the happy couple.
Beautiful flowers.
I had to take this picture of my cousin Jacob holding his wife's diaper bag ... I immediately texted it to my family.  We have this "Quinn Boy" philosophy on our men holding our bags for us.
I seriously love this couple
Bailee is quiet a bit younger than me {so we didn't really "play" together as kids} but she lived with our family last summer and we grew close during that time.  She left our house at the end of the summer all geared up to serve a mission - she even received a mission call!  Last fall she brought this darling boy Tharen to another cousins wedding and I knew then that she was a goner.  They are the most darling couple to be around and I wish them ALL the love and success and happiness in the world, they deserve it.
This family was known as our "Rigby Quinn" cousins growing up.
I love them all and was SO happy to be with them all today.
{Jacob, Natalie, Bailee, Jenny and Jordan}
Leaving the reception tonight I 'stole' my nephew Enoch to come spend a few days at our house ... I had to take this picture and text his mom ... he is caring my bag for me.  It's a Quinn boy things I tell you - its a real thing.