Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July.

 It's quite possible my most favorite holiday.
I love being patriotic.

There is nothing more patriotic then playing Cowboys and Indians!

And a little badminton - my kids love this game.
My parents were really sweet to invite us over for a low-key 4th of July afternoon - it's just what we needed after Pete breaking his arm yesterday.  I am having a really hard time facing the rest of the summer now ...
The beautiful Tate barn and Mt. Timp
Pete's happy place ... riding on the Ranger with grandma and grandpa.
I think this might be the first year our kids were not terrified of sparklers.
There were as many as five hummingbirds at this feeder at once.
The fireworks were great.  So fun.
Happy 4th.
I love Truman's patriotism and Bodie's gun.