Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Off to find a golf course in Steamboat.
McKay trying out the new clubs!
Bodie decided to talk this week.  He discovered that he can repeat anything you say {words, not phrases}.
He has been saying "mom" for about a month and knows that when he says it he can get my attention.  This week he has been saying, "mama {grandma}, papa {grandpa}, football {and he knows what it is}, golf ball, please, thank you, cheese {for the camera}... and many more.
My mom took this picture with her iPhone off all the "toys" in the back of my car that are for the boys.  I had the Subaru packed with all sorts of toys, bikes, double stroller, tennis rackets, golf clubs, baseballs, backpacking packs, etc., etc., etc.  It was our 'toy box on wheels'
Playing soccer with grandpa.
Hot and tired little boy from all that running around playing every sport thinkable that uses a ball.
We met up with my aunt and uncle for dinner - Papa Murphy's mini pizzas - we each got to make our own, so good!  Thank you Thuns.
Truman, Bodie and my mom with my cousin Josh kids, Liberty and Kennedi - all the way from New York!  It was so good to see them.
Josh and I were at Rick's college together {back in the day when it was Rick's College} I have lots of good memories with him there.  
Chilling with uncle McKay.
"little McKay" with "big McKay"
Night time stories with grandma Quinn - lucky boy.
What a fun first day at Steamboat, we are exhausted.