Friday, July 6, 2012

Arave Family Reunion {Friday}.

The "Quinn Brothers" {+ Lauren} made pancakes made-to-order for breakfast with every topping imaginable in and on them.  Amazing.

{I think McKay, Nate and Dallin actually look like brothers in this picture}
Cousins being cousins!
Lucky dad, a little afternoon nap/snuggle from a very tired Bodie.
I can never get tired of these pictures of Truman playing baseball!
Lucky uncle Nate, and afternoon nap/snuggle from Ira.
Nate IS the baby whisperer!
Jean and Truman, besties!

The Suburban provided a great, uninterrupted, quiet "cage" for sleeping kids!
I had made the "Baby Sleeping" signs with magnets on them for each of the cabins, this one was moved to the car as warning not to open the door!  Love it.
Cute Molly after a morning shower, cleaned up and ready to play.
Love this boy and his cute personality!  He is the only boy in his family ... got to love it.

Bodie decideds sand is not that great to eat!
Perfect dutch oven rolls!