Thursday, July 5, 2012

Arave Family Reunion {Thursday}

 The sock bun was the hair style of choice at the reunion.  Tiff's bun was huge ... she has so much hair, and its thick.  I think the bun is cute on her!
 My dad did a scavenger hunt for the different age groups.  He sent them out in groups with the radios so they could talk with him if they had questions.  There were all sorts of special prizes at the end.
It rained most of the day.  We couldn't really complain because all of Utah fasted and prayed for rain on Sunday - it was a welcome relief because of all the fires and dry conditions.  We had cabins and a large pavilion to keep us dry and plenty of crafts, games and food.  I don't think anyone minded at all.
Dallin, Ira, Nate and Lauren.
A stick and dirt - he needs nothing more.
Hanging out.
Lauren, Quinn, Tiff, Enoch, Abi, Gregg, Dallin and Addie.
Dutch oven chicken enchiladas...we have some good cooks in this family.
Bed time.  We shared a cabin with Hopkinsons and SF Quinns.
6 adults.
7 kids.
We all survived.