Friday, July 6, 2012

Arave Family Reunion {Talent Show}.

My cousin Molly hosted the best talent show; it was our second annual Arave Family talent show.
The Hopkinson clan played their instruments for us.
Truman showed off his baseball skills {which everyone had seen all week long}.  The funny thing is he completely missed the first few pitches.  
 Then once he hit a 'home run' he fell rounding 'third base' while everyone was watching!
That was the end of his talent!
 Enoch showed off his head stand and then went into a push-up.  Amazing.
 McKay slack-lining.
 McKay and Dallin chicken fighting on the slack line.

 Molly had prepared some really funny games between the talents.  In this skit Dallin and Marie had to sell us on a foot cleaning tool - it was all improv with props.
I am not sure what this talent is ... Jean?!
Jake and April on piano and flute {who knew April payed the flute?!} 
They played "My Flag, my Flag" one of Trumans favorite songs - he was so excited.
Quinn has just started guitar lessons and played us a song.
Another one of Molly's games was the "Questions Game" 
Two people had to carry on a conversation by just asking questions...hilarious!
Cousins Erik and McKay.
 Addie played the piano.
 Bodie, Anna and Mackenzie showed off their new walking skills across the stage in a race to grandma for their talent {Anna won}.